About Us


Li'lGarbage is named after one of her favorite foods: brussels sprouts. These delectable little cruciferous treats are basically tiny cabbages (yum)! But her husband, BeanFella, has declared them "not food"--hence the nickname. Li'lGarbage cooks sprouts only when BeanFella is out of the house so as not to offend his delicate senskibilities.


BeanFella is the irascible, zany, madcap, lovable and quite stylish half of the Bogus Gourmet. He likes to play in the kitchen, from which Li'lGarbage is banned while he makes his mealtime magic. He's a huge fan of beans and is the proud proprietor of the web phenomenon So Much The Beans.

About This Project

This lame little project was created during a one-day hackathon at the Web 1.0 Conference in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, November 7, 2015 with special thanks to Amber Case, cyber anthropologist (caseorganic.com) and Kyle Drake, CEO of Neocities. Li'lGarbage is an artist and editor but not a web designer. She is also not much of a coder (BeanFella is).