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BeanFella's Green Chicken

BeanFella's Green Chicken.

Behold one of our easy, fast entrees: BeanFella's Green Chicken. He raids the spice cupboard for green leafy herbs and throws them all on there. Baked in the toaster oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 35 minutes. Serve with some kind of veg.

Herbs and Spices for Green Chicken.

OK, there are a few yellow items in there also too as well. (The label you can't read says "Rome's Mary.")

Slow Cooker Thai Pork...I think

I think this is Thai-ish pork?

Another angle on whatever's in the slow cooker.

I *think* this might have been a pork roast with a...peanut sauce? I really should write things down.


Eggs with Chili, Bacon, and Pan-Cooked Yukon Gold Potatoes.

This was a well-rounded plate including all the components you see here. Eggs topped with Trader Joe's Beef Chili, magic Carlton Farms bacon, and pan-cooked potato slices (these last are a specialty of BeanFella).

A Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions.

We do love our breakfasts. These eggs were topped with Trader Joe's Hatch Valley Salsa and accompanied by some cheap but tasty ham slices from the Grocery Outlet and some cottage cheese, rounded out with a fine Oregonian IPA from Caldera.

Pan-Fried Tilapia with Chicharron Crust, plus Pepper-Stuffed Peppers

Tilapia Frita en Chicharrones.

Fried Tilapa and Pepper Stuffed with...umm...a Whole Jalapeno Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Covered with Tapenade?

Pile o' food! I pan-fry tilapia crusted with pork rinds, and for some reason, BeanFella stuffed some bell peppers with jalapenos rellenos (it might have been goat cheese inside those) and topped them with tapenade (yes, from Trader Joe).

Huzzah! Another shot of this dish.

Brussels Sprouts with Sesame Oil, Ginger, and Soy Sauce

Mmm...Sautéed Brussels Sprouts!

Oh so good!

This is my guilty pleasure? Yah, I guess so. Shredded, sautéed brussels sprouts with sesame oil, powdered ginger, and a drizzle of soy sauce.

Was This Really Goat Cheese?

Tilapia Smothered in Goat Cheese with Mushrooms and Haricots Verts.


I think that's goat cheese on that fish there...and a favorite side dish of green beans. Sometimes I do them prik khing style, but I don't think I did that time. Oh yah, and some mushrooms. We just throw those in the toaster oven with whatever else is in there, usually with butter on them.

Practically Instant Dinner

Eggplant Patties Smothered in Tillamook Cheddar. Plus Haricots.

What do you get when you're even lazier about cooking than usual? Eggplant patties ovened with Tillamook cheese. And green beans.

Brussels Sprouts with Yellow Peppers

Little Garbages with Yellow Peppers and Green Onions.

Mmm, garbages made even fancier with yellow pepper and green onions! With the usual sesame oil and soy sauce.

Oven-Roasted Duck Legs

One of the things I make that's a favorite of BeanFella's. This is adapted from a recipe I got on the Interwebs.

Brined Duck Legs.

(The following comments do NOT contain complete instructions.) The duck pieces have been salted and fridged for at least two hours.

Browning the Duck Legs.

The pieces get pan browned.

Ready for the toaster oven.

Duck pieces and fat in the baking dish.

Served with peas and carrots (aka "peez n crots")


Duck Fat.

Save any extra duck fat for frying stuff in. Like eggs.

Not Sure

No Idea What This Was.

It was a picture of food. So I posted it.

Eggs with Salsa and Magic Bacon

Scrambled Eggs with Salsa; Bacon.

Simple but hearty. Eggs with probably Trader Joe's Salsa Autentica and some Carlton Farms bacon.

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